Friday, January 1, 2010

The List Begins ...

Well, 2010 has got off to an unbelievable start! The first bird that flew over the garden this morning was a sparrowhawk, closely followed by ... another sparrowhawk!

It's not that often that I see sparrowhawks from the house, so to see two together on the first day of a new birding year is pretty special. Maybe a good omen for the year to come? Hope so.

Second bird on the list? A magpie. Normal service has been resumed!

Hope you like the new look Eye To The Telescope. I'm signing off now, as it's time for breakfast and a bit more list-building from the comfort of the kitchen.

Happy New Year to all my followers.


Anonymous said...

All the best for the list-building and of course the new year, Reg.

Incidently, my first bird of the year was Blackbird.

Kay said...

You're very lucky Reg, I always get Wood Pigeon or Magpie first.

Loving the new logo.