Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Birding Month - March 2010

A quiet month on the whole, with one or two highlights.

Kicked things off in good style with a visit to the Forest Of Dean, which I have not been to since 2008. Target bird was goshawk and we saw several from the New Fancy View watchpoint. Half a dozen common crossbills were also noted.

Later on at Boys Grave we had exceptional views of two displaying goshawks at relatively close quarters. Brilliant stuff. Also saw my first butterfly of the year here - a red admiral.

The following week, my Dad and I paid a visit to the Wyre Forest, which was uncharacteristically quiet. Of all the birds that we hoped to see, I think we only clapped eyes on a dipper. Actually, Dad didn't even see that, come to think of it!

We consoled ourselves with the Slavonian grebe at Grimley on the way home. We also stopped off at Upton Warren, but this was also devoid of birds. The avocets were nowhere to be seen.

Slavonian grebe at Grimley

Slavonian grebe at Grimley

Aside from that, I have been out on the patch the last couple of weekends. The lapwings are back in the magic field and I will be keeping close tabs on them over the next few weeks. This time next month they should be rearing their young.

Lapwing in the Magic Field

Lapwing in the magic field



Digi-binned lapwing

Digi-binned lapwing

I heard my first chiffchaff at work on Friday 19 March, but had to wait until Friday 26 March to see one. Two meadow pipits dropped into the grounds on Thursday 25 March, and a sparrowhawk was seen the day before that.

Yesterday afternoon a brimstone butterfly turned up in the garden, and later on there were visits from a goldcrest and a great spotted woodpecker.

A good month with the emphasis on quality, not quantity.

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