Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Boy Does Nothing

That's probably what everyone at work thinks when I slope off for an hour at lunchtime. However, if it's a choice between me coming back smelling of booze, or the great outdoors, surely the latter is preferable?

Lots of good stuff around on site this week. New faces include a pair of grey wagtails and this small copper.

Small copper

Small copper

Small copper

Small copper

Small copper

Shots of the small copper

A couple of snaps of some familiar faces too - a southern hawker and a common darter, both seen at rest in the wildflower meadow today.

Southern hawker

Common darter

Southern hawker and common darter


midlands birder said...

love the pics reg,i wish the dragonflys i see would stay still,how do you get them to land?

Reg The Birder said...

You just need to rub a bit of butter on the stems of the plants.

They can't resist it.

midlands birder said...

that will work,you learn something new every day.

Kay said...

And a spot of strawberry jam works wonders with the Southern Hawkers!