Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Can Work It Out

Fans of Eye To The Telescope will be pleased to learn that I am not going to abandon them completely whilst I am away in Islay. Firstly, I intend to be sending any birding news to Twitter, which will of course also appear on my blog.

Secondly, as announced last week, I have devised a little quiz to keep you all occupied while I'm away. What follows are 20 pictures, all of which lead to the identity of a species of bird. Some of them are a bit cryptic, but others are hopefully more straightforward.

If you wish to take part, use the link at the bottom to add a comment. I vet all comments before they appear on the blog, so when I return I can mark everybody's answers and announce the winners.

Of course, it wouldn't be a quiz without a few Telescope points on offer, so here's how the scoring system will work:

Each correct answer will be awarded 10 points.

Anyone who gets all 20 birds will be awarded a further 50 points.

First, second and third places will then receive 100, 50 and 25 points respectively.

Therefore, if you get all 20 right and win the quiz, you stand to receive a whopping 350 Telescope points.

To prevent anyone from submitting multiple answers, I think I will have to be strict and say that I will accept your first set of answers only.

Okay, enough from me ... here are the pictures:

Good luck everybody!

I'm back a week on Sunday, so look out for the answers and the scores on the doors soon afterwards.

Au revoir, fellow birders!


Kay said...

1. Crested Tit
2. Fieldfare
3. Desert Wheatear
4. Garden Warbler
5. Jackdaw
6. Nightjar
7. House Martin
8. Grey Wagtail
9. Kildeer
10. Nuthatch
11. Parrot Crossbill
12. Royal Tern
13. Water Rail
14. Wood Warbler
15. Puffin
16. Solitary Sandpiper
17. Waxwing
18. Purple Sandpiper
19. Turnstone
20. Whinchat

Martyn Yapp said...
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Martyn Yapp said...

Whoops looking at my answers I can tell I input them late, Because I knew that was Desert Wheatear and I missed out Garden Warbler, which I knew too.

Mmmm I think my answer for Nadele/Woods, gold medal Olympic winner and the score Eagle, Golden Eagle could be deemed as a good answer too.

As for the image of the old bloke smoking a pipe, blimey.

Oh and the two singers, I am not sure they will be happy about being called warblers either...........