Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gone Gone Gone [Done Moved On]

Goodbye birding, hello twitching. My Dad and I had a go for the glossy ibis at Fisher's Mill Pool this morning, and missed the bird by a whisker apparently. It had been seen shortly before we arrived, but was not relocated.

Still, we had an enjoyable time walking along the canal, picking up some nice birds along the way - fieldfare, siskin, willow tit, kingfisher and linnet to name a few.

On Fisher's Mill Pool and in the surrounding area, the best of the birds were wigeon, gadwall, goldeneye, teal, more siskin and linnet, a pair of stonechats, and a juvenile garganey.

Other spots included meadow pipit, red admiral, painted lady and a small copper.

It certainly looks like a good site for birds and butterflies, and quite possibly dragons and damsels too. I would be keen to make another visit next year.

Obviously a bit of a shame about the ibis, but enough other stuff to make it an enjoyable few hours. Good to meet a few other birders too.

Everything Changed

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Rich said...

Sorry to hear you missed the Ibis, but you’re not alone! What is assumed to be the same bird was seen in flight over my local patch yesterday morning - less than quarter of an hour AFTER I went past whilst on a cycle ride! A mate of mine got the Ibis; I just got a 70-mile bike ride!