Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Impossible

What's impossible? Gull ID, that's what! Well, maybe not impossible, but always a challenge.

Here's a few pics from Stubber's Green today, which may or may not illustrate this point.

Yellow-legged gull

Yellow-legged gull - note the yellow legs

Yellow-legged gull

Yellow-legged gull - note the absence of any legs!

Common gull

Common gull - not actually all that common!

Great black-backed gull

Great black-backed gull - okay, that one's fairly easy

Not a Caspian gull

Caspian gull? No. Had us excited for a bit though!

Here's another picture, taken at the same site last year, of a probable Caspian gull.

The suspicious gull

Was it? Who knows?

I love gulls, me!

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