Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And The Bogey Falls

No, I haven't been picking my nose again, I finally spotted a Little Owl [lifer 207!] [year tick 148!] last night. I got soaked in the process, but boy was it worth it! I think it is in the best interests of the bird that the location should be kept hush hush, but I will say that it wasn't too far from home. Many thanks to the chap that shared this information with me. I owe you one!

A quick visit to Shenstone and Upton Warren on Monday also added a Linnet [year tick 147!] to the year list. And yes, I know I'm recounting these tales out of sequence, but I couldn't wait to tell you about that owl!

Other birds at Shenstone included Chiffchaff, a single Fieldfare, which caused me some confusion for a few minutes, Yellowhammer and Song Thrush. I didn't manage to find any Yellow Wagtails. I then visited Upton Warren and had more Linnets, plus the usual suspects, including Avocet, Little Ringed Plover, Blackcap, Reed Bunting and a Kingfisher on the sailing pool.

On arriving back home, a Lesser Redpoll turned up in the garden. When it returned later on, I was able to get a picture, albeit a rather blurred one taken through the window.

Lesser Redpoll in the garden

The Mistle Epistle

The Mistle Thrushes are still on the nest. The female has now laid four eggs, one each day since Saturday. They are doing an excellent job, seeing off any Jackdaw or Jay that wanders a bit too near the nest. I'm off to Suffolk tomorrow for four nights, then I'm spending three nights in Norfolk, so sadly I'm going to miss out on anything that happens over the next week. I'm sure they'll be alright. The first thing I'll do when I get back is check up on them. Look out for an update on or around 25 April.

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Kay said...

Well done on the Little Owl Reg, I knew you'd get one soon. They're so cute!

Looks like Yellow Wagtail is turning out to be a bogey for both of us. I'm going to try very hard to overcome this over the coming weeks.