Monday, April 28, 2008

Brandon Marsh / Draycote Water

A visit to Brandon Marsh today got me my first Swift of the year [year tick 173!] and a few Garden Warblers [year tick 174!], then I headed off to Draycote Water where I finally managed to life tick a Yellow Wagtail [lifer 213!] [year tick 175!]. It was nice to put that one to bed, let me tell you! They were dead easy too. I spotted them as soon as I set off around the reservoir.

Yellow Wagtail at Draycote Water

At last!

Moments later, I also ticked an Arctic Tern [year tick 176!], which was sitting on a buoy out in the water. I also had my first ever White Wagtail. I wasn't certain about the first probable one I saw, but later on I saw another and this one was closer so I was in no doubt.

Another nice sight was this pair of Great Crested Grebes performing their weed dance.

Great Crested Grebes performing their weed dance

Last, but not least, as I drove home on the A45, I spotted a Hobby [year tick 177!] perched on a bush on the central reservation. A neat way to finish the day.

The Mistle Epistle

I was wrong, none of the eggs have hatched yet. The bird is sitting on the nest again and the Jackdaws seem to have lost interest in proceedings, thank goodness.

My latest concern is that I have only seen one of the thrushes around for a while. More news when it becomes available.

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