Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

I was never a huge fan of Michael Jackson, but love him or hate him, he was undoubtedly an important figure in the world of music, and certainly one of the most iconic. It seemed only right to reference him in today's blog entry, but the above song title also seems fitting in relation to my continuing mission to get some decent butterfly and dragonfly photographs - I've rattled off many pictures over the past week or so, and most have had to be consigned to the recycle bin.

However, amidst all the rubbish are one or two nuggets of gold. Attempts to get some shots at work were largely unsuccessful, so yesterday Mrs Reg and I drove to Earlswood Lakes to see what was about. Butterflies included red admiral, ringlet, meadow brown, large skipper and speckled wood. Common blue damselfies were seen, as were blue-tailed damselflies, the latter of which I life-ticked at work last week. Best of all were a few red-eyed damselflies, which are the first I have encountered.

I'm really pleased with some of the pictures I took. Here are a selection:

Grey squirrel

Grey squirrel taken at work last week

Blue-tailed damselfly

Blue-tailed damselfly

Blue-tailed damselflies taken at work

Meadow brown

Meadow brown taken at work

Unidentified moth

Unidentified moth seen at Earlswood Lakes



Ringlet butterfly - unusually happy to stay put whilst I photographed it!

Large skipper

Large skipper

Speckled wood

Speckled wood


midlands birder said...

you didnt take a picture of a tree rat,im so dissapointed
well done with the rest of the shots too

Anonymous said...

Great images, Reg. Your unidentified moth is a Silver-ground Carpet. Often seen/flushed during the daytime.

Reg The Birder said...

Thanks, Dean.